Free education resources

There are always  any number of education solutions, free and paid. There is no intention in this page to be comprehensive, just to highlight a few free absolute gems.  If you haven't looked at Office and Comms tools you might find what you're looking for there. 

Google Classroom

A very popular and user-friendly way to set, track and mark assignments on-line. In conjunction with other GSuite tools it can provide a complete learning platform.


A way to host your own private Moodle, arguably the most advanced VLE platform. Gnomio is not GDPR compliant, so just use it to host content - don't set up user accounts.


An amazing resource for independent learning. Hosts interactive content covering complete courses across a wide range of ages and subjects. 


A free quiz tool with well-designed gamification and the ability to track progress. There are millions of quizzes there so works for independent study as well as in the classroom.


Of the many tools you can use to make test-yourself flashcard type resources LearnItFast is perhaps the quickest and easiest to use.


One for teachers - a way to create lessons that students can either complete live or in their own time. I didn't find it the most intuitive app but many teachers swear by it.

Wondering where Zoom and Edmodo are? They made the cut (easily!) but I put them on the communication apps page.